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Students of the Department of Public Health organized a Scientific Conference (SCON)

SCON 001

Partial view of the participants of the Scientific Conference (SCON-I) organized by the Students of the Department of Public Health

The Department of Public Health has initiated a new program titled Scientific Conference (SCON) to be organized by the students under MPH Program. The first Scientific Conference (SCON-I) was organized by the outgoing students of 18th Batch under the guidance of the Department. The Scientific Conference was held on 07 December, 2018 in the 52-Milonayoton of Daffodil Tower. Three (3) scientific papers were presented in the SCON-I by the students of 18th & 20th Batches under MPH Program. The papers were presented by Dr. Rinaz Rahman (20th Batch), Dr. Wahida Parveen (18th Batch) and Mr. Abu Ansar Md. Rizwan (18th Batch). SCON-I was fully organized and managed by the students of outgoing Batch. An Organizing Committee consisting of five members from the MPH students of outgoing Batch was formed for smooth implementation of the conference. Around 100 students of 18th, 19th and 20th Batches under MPH Program participated in the SCON-I. All faculty members of the Department of Public Health attended the Scientific Conference. The Conference was facilitated by Ms. Tasnim Akter a MPH student of outgoing Batch. Professor Dr. Harun-Ar-Rashid, Professor and Head, Department of Public Health chaired the Scientific Conference. Feedback from the SCON-I is very much encouraging, such initiative has been appreciated by the students, faculty members and guest faculty as well.

SCON 002

Presenters of the Scientific Conference (SCON-I) with the Faculty Members of the Department of Public Health and the Members of the Organizing Committee

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