Department of Public Health

Internationally-Renowned Faculty Joined DIU


We are proud to announce that Professor Dr. Abu Naser Zafar Ullah has recently joined as Associate Dean of our Faculty of Allied Health Sciences!!

Prof. Dr. Zafar is an accomplished and internationally reputed global health expert with over 30 years’ experience working with world-class UK and European universities, and many international non-profit organizations in the UK and abroad: such as, UNHCR, World Health Organization (WHO), USAID, UKAid/DFID, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), and Save the Children (UK). He joined the University of Leeds, UK in 2001 and has helped to develop and deliver new curricula in a wide array of public health topics including Msc in International Health. He was the founder Program Director for MSc in International Health at one of the Russell Group Universities in the UK. His last appointment was Head of International Public Health Programs at KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

Dr. Zafar has gained his medical degree from Sylhet MAG Osmany Medical College, Bangladesh. After that he completed a Diploma in Hospital Administration before moving to the UK. He obtained his MPH degree from the University of Leeds with distinction in 2002 and immediately secured a faculty position at Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, UK. In 2010, he attained his PhD in global health from the University of Leeds, UK. In addition, he has numerous post-graduate training from USA, UK and Netherlands.

His expertise includes epidemiology, health management and evaluation, public-private partnerships, elderly care, mental health, TB Tobacco and refugee health. He is a prolific writer and published books and numerous articles in the highly reputed international journals. He attended numerous high-level, international conferences as a sponsored key note speaker.

As a researcher, Prof. Zafar has acquired and managed both big and small funding from wide range of UN organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors, and many private foundations. He has supported organizational development and strengthening of the government and many NGOs in Bangladesh and abroad through his Public-Private Partnerships initiatives.

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